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Materiaalitiedot & ominaisuudet
Mountaineering; Ice slopes
Piikkien määrä:
Flexlock (basket binding for boots with no sole edge)
includes ANTISNOW plate
Kengän koot:
875 g
Front part is replaceable (combination with Sarken and Irvis 2016 models and upwards)
A crampon for alpinists - the Vasak Flexlock by Petzl is suitable for classic mountaineering and everything that goes with it. Glacier terrain, steep firn slopes, ice passages and a few meters of rock here and there. The two front points are perfect for climbing and walking, the second pair of points supports you on steep ice and provides you with better stability. The front points are arranged horizontally and provide good purchase in hard snow and stability while climbing on brittle ice.
The Flex-lock binding system can be combined with any mountaineering boots without a pronounced welts. Its important that your boot soles are not too soft, because highly flexible soles place great strain on the center bar. This can lead to the center bar being deformed or even make it break in the worst case.
The Vasak crampon is easily adjustable via the center bar and due to the particular construction of the front part a huge adjustment range is covered. The Vasak also comes with ANTISNOW plates, which reduce the risk of snow accumulating under your boots. A smart detail: the front part of the Vasak can be removed. That way you can combine the rear part with the front parts of the Irvis and the Sarken. The front parts are also available individually and thus you can equip for any purpose for little money. Have fun on ice and snow!
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