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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Crash pad (roll system)
Cordura ballistic / Cordura 650d with Teflon fiber protection (100% polyamide)
20 mm PE foam / 50 mm PUR foam / 20 mm PE foam
padded shoulder strap; 2 carry loops
Koko avoin:
200 x 100 x 9 cm
7.7 kg
Flaps for storing gear; Aluminum hook buckles; Foot mat 50 x 30 cm
2 qm² runway - the Paddy Dreamtime by Ocun! The Crash pad comes in dimensions of 200 x 100cm and 9 cm thick. For transportation purposes, the Pad can be rolled up and comfortably carried from block to block with the padded shoulder straps.

The Paddy Dreamtime consists of a three-layered foam design: the top layer, made out of closed-cell polyethylene foam, cushions minor falls well and, upon heavier impacts, carries the impact evenly through to the second layer. This is made from open-celled polyurethane foam, which changes its shape and thereby takes the drop energy. The bottom layer is also made of hard foam, which adds an extra layer of protection between you and the ground.
The pad is surrounded by an extremely stable Cordura outer shell, which can withstand rough use over a long period of time. The buckles are made of tough aluminum and the Paddy Dreamtime also has two flaps for additional gear transport. After a tiring day out bouldering you can, as the name already lets on, use the Paddy Dreamtime as a good sleeping mattress!
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