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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Climbing shoes (lace-up model)
Sport climbing; Bouldering; Advanced
Combination of microfiber synthetic leather and genuine leather (contains non-textile parts of animal origin)
Vibram XS Grip 4 mm; Midsole: Suflex 0.7 mm/1.2 mm 3D Fit
highly asymmetrical
strong pre-tensioning with down turn
approx. 560 g (in medium size)
UK 4 - 13
Pull-on tabs; seamless heel box; for normal and wide feet with normal heel; Egyptian or Greek foot types
No half measures - Diamond by Ocun gives a great performance on the rock! The climbing shoe is especially designed for sports climbing. This can be seen in its strong pre-tensioning with pronounced down turn, its intense asymmetry and the non-slip Vibram sole. It also ensures the best grip while bouldering, but cannot be put on and taken off that quickly. This might get on your nerves during shorter boulder problems.
The strong asymmetry, downturn and pre-tensioning ensure that the Diamond has accurate footing even on the smallest edges and holes. The shoes are supported by Vibram XS Grip rubber blend, offering maximum grip. A Suflex 3D midsole concentrates the power on the tip and transfers it through the whole foot. The lacing ensures perfect adjustment, which adds to the shoe’s performance. Choose Diamond, if you have to overcome small footholds and steep overhangs!

For a good fit please note: Diamond by Ocun is ideal for climbers with normal width to wide feet with normal heels. The foot type should be Greek (second and third toe larger), or Egyptian (big toe largest, others continuously smaller, while square foot types (big and little toe form a relatively straight line) are less suitable for this shoe.

How to measure: take the length of your foot and compare it to the Ocun size table on this site. For a sporty fit, Ocun suggests to deduct 5 to 10 mm from your measurement and choose the appropriate shoe size. For a normal sporty fit choose +/- 5 mm. You should add 5 to 10 mm for a more comfortable fit. ;"
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