MSR - Lightning Explore - Lumikengät

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Snowshoe tours, easy to Alpine terrain
Aluminum frame
Bilateral binding with ratchet closure
56 cm: up to 80 kg; 64 cm: 54-100 kg
56 cm / 64 cm
EU 35.5 - 48
56 cm: 1.69 kg; 64 cm 1.87 kg (per pair)
two horizontal crampons, two front crampons, toothed frame, rotatable binding
When it comes to heading off trail in snowy conditions, make sure you bring along the Men's Lightning Explore Snowshoes from MSR. The ballistic nylon decks and 360-degree traction frames provide incredible durability and control in any condition you might encounter. Axis Gait technology allows you to adjust the bindings laterally, independent of the frame, to help provide a good fit and even stride throughout your hike. Pivot crampons keep your feet and ankles comfortable through variable terrain, while the Ergo Televator heel-risers ensure that your calves won't be getting overly tired. Modular flotation tails (sold separately) can be attached for when you're carrying a heavier load through deep snow. 

  • Ballistic nylon decks
  • HyperLink bindings
  • Axis Gait technology
  • 360-degree Traction frames
  • Pivot crampons
  • Ergo Televator heel risers
  • Compatible with modular flotation tails (tails sold separately)
" The Women's Lightning Explore Snowshoes from MSR are packed full of fun features to help you out on your next snowshoe adventure. Ballistic nylon on top will hold up to the most rigorous of outings, and the HyperLink bindings provide excellent support. 360-degree traction frames let you find purchase when the ground is anything but level, and the pivot crampons make sure your feet and ankles stay comfortable as well. Additionally, these snowshoe bindings can be adjusted laterally with the Axis Gait technology, independent of the frame, to ensure a good fit and smooth stride. Ergo Televator heel-risers prevent premature leg-fatigue when you're out climbing something steep.

  • Ballistic nylon decks
  • HyperLink bindings
  • Axis Gait technology
  • 360-degree Traction frames
  • Pivot crampons
  • Ergo Televator heel-risers
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