Carinthia - D 1200X - Untuvamakuupussi

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Down sleeping bag
water-repellent Shellproof Ultra (100% polyamide)
Shelltex Ultra (100% polyamide)
Lämpötila Komfort:
-27.3 °C
Lämpötila Limit:
-37.8 °C
Lämpötila Extrem:
-65.2 °C
Koko pakattuna:
M: 22 x 24 cm L: 24 x 26 cm
M: 1900 g L: 2100 g
Inner dimensions M: 215 cm L: 230 cm
Draft collar with G-Loft; Connectable; Zip cover flap; DIScover system; Zip anti-snap strip; Zip warmth band; 2-way zip; Trapezoid chamber design
What a sleeping bag! D 1200x by Carinthia is simply perfect for expeditions in cold climates! Whether you’re exploring icy heights or discovering the Arctic, you’ll always be ready for the challenge with this down sleeping bag! A total of 1200 grams of the highest quality goose down create a heat output that allows you to rest more comfortably even in freezing temperatures. The great and long experience of Carinthia is shown in the several incredible features. The wide, adjustable draft collar is filled with G-Loft fibers so it is very stable and closes perfectly around the neck. The hood is contoured, providing maximum thermal performance and ensuring your perfectly protected at night as you lose most heat through the head!
Condensation runs off the outside of the sleeping bag, as the outer shell is made of waterproof Shellproof Ultra. Soft and comfortable Shelltex Ultra is used inside the sleeping bag. It provides a soft touch, feels very comfortable on the skin and is also very breathable! It also has anti snag tape on the zip so you don’t need to get frustrated with a stubborn zip in the cold. In addition, an cover flap ensures that as little heat as possible is lost. Whatever the next adventure holds, if the temperatures drop and you need a reliable down sleeping bag, then the D 1200x by Carinthia is the perfect choice! ;"
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