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Wild Country - Helium Friend Extendable Sling

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Active cam
Aluminum cam lobes; Steel cable; Plastic coat
Helium 0 to Helium 4 available
87 g (Helium 0) to 221 g (Helium 4)
12 kN (helium 0 to 1); 12 kN (helium 1.5 to 4)
single stem
12 mm Dyneema dogbone (extendable)
hot-forged cam lobes; Camstops for passive use
Calling all trad climbers and mountaineers: Helium Friends will leave you secure on those wild adventure routes! Wild Country was the first climbing brand to produce active cams; for this reason, they’ve given the whole product group its name. Since the production of the first Friends, the cams have been reworked and adapted to incorporate advances in the field. This keeps them at the forefront of current technology.
The Helium Friend is a device with four cam lobes made of hot-forged aluminum. The lobes’ gear notches save significant weight. The camstops stop the cam lobes from flashing over. In the absence of any suitably sized nuts and active clamp gate, the Friend can be passively placed.
The Dyneema Dogbone can be extended as required to straighten the course of the rope. During climbing, it can hang short and compact in the gear loops. The thumb loops ensure ease of handling, so that you can quickly lay places and concentrate on moving forwards!

Technical specs:
Name / Expanse (not expanded, max. expanded) / Breaking load / Weight
Helium: 0 14-22.5 mm / 12 kN (11 kN for passive use) / 87 g
Helium 0.5: 16.5-26.7 mm / 12 kN (11 kN for passive use) / 91 g
Helium 1: 19.7-32 mm / 12 kN (11 kN for passive use) / 98 g
Helium 1.5: 23.5-38 mm / 12 kN / 106 g
Helium 2: 28.4-45.7 mm / 12 kN / 111 g
Helium 2.5: 34.4-55.4 mm / 12 kN / 131 g
Helium 3: 41.9-67.5 mm / 12 kN / 145 g
Helium 3.5: 51.3-82.6 mm / 12 kN /178 g
Helium 4: 63.2-101.8 mm / 12 kN / 221 g
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