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VDO - M4 WR - Polkupyörätietokone

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  • Lähetyskuluitta alk.€ 50
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  • 30 päivän palautusoikeus
  • > 250000 tyytyväistä asiakasta
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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Bike computer
Road bike; Mountain bike; Trekking bike
Speed (current; average max.); Distance (day; Total); Temperature; All data for 2 bikes; Comparison of current /average speed; Height functions (current; max.; uphill/downhill; Year); Incline (current; max.; average)
no; tethered
Toimituksen sisältö:
Bike computer; Holder with cable; Spoke magnet; Battery
Battery 3V
Data stored when batteries are changed; Auto Stop/Start; for 2 bikes; Battery alert
Height, incline, decline, total height climbed - with the VDO M4 WR the aspiring mountain cyclist or puncheur has all relevant data at a glance. Whether you're gaining altitude in the hilly mountain ranges or traversing seemingly endless mountain passes, the M4 WR collects valuable information and conveys that in a clear and easy to read way. Calibration is done by sea level pressure or altitude above sea level. Aside from the comprehensive altitude functions, a cycle computer wouldn't be complete without the other basic functions. Distance, speed and time are tracked and a clock indicates how long until you need to be home for dinner.
The M4 WR can be used with an optional second bike kit on two bicycles, there is a separate save file for each bike (kit not included in delivery). A battery level alert lets you know in good time before the next change is required. L'Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux or the Stelvio Pass - with the M4 WR you're ready to take on the mountains.

Bike functions:
Current speed
Distance travelled today
Trip time
Average speed
Max. Speed
Stopwatch (tracks how long you have been cycling for)
Roadbook Counter
Total data: Distance and travel time (for bike 1/bike 2/total)
Total distance travelled uphill (for bike 1/bike 2/total)

Altitude functions:
Altitude (current, maximum)
Cumulative elevation gain (uphill, downhill, yearly data)
Incline (current, average)

Extra features:
Battery alert
Display lighting
Can be used with two bikes (with an optional two bike set)
Adjustable wheel size
Auto stop
Display turns to sleep mode after 5 minutes
Automatic pairing
Automatic bike detection
Full text display in EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, NL, PL
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