Vango - Nova 300 - 3 hlön teltta

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
3-person tent
Camping; Trekking
Henkilöiden määrä:
Protex 70D (100% polyester) 5000 mm water column
100% polyester
Teltan pohja:
70D lightweight (100% polyester) 6000 mm water column
Powerlite 7001-T6 aluminum
Eteiset (absidit):
Teltan sisämitat:
220 x 170 x 100 cm (L x W x H)
Teltan ulkomitat:
330 x 190 x 110 cm (L x W x H)
Koko pakattuna:
48 x 17 x 17 cm (L x W x H)
3.30 kg
incl. Aluminum tent stakes; Vestibule with groundsheet; TBS II system
If you’re looking for a versatile tent for your next camping holiday, trip or easy trekking tour then look no further than the Nova 300 by Vango! The tent impresses with great space and the apsis protects the luggage from moisture with its groundsheet.. The inner tent is made of mesh for great ventilation. The base as well as the groundsheet are made out of 70D lightweight. Both have a good water column which protects ideally from moisture or dirt. The fly is made out of Protex 70D material which reliably protects against wind and weather. Thanks to the Powerlite aluminium pole system the tent can be assembled in no time. Furthermore, the pole system ensures additional protection against wind, thanks to the TBS II system.
The tent can easily be accessed at the front through a large entrance. The groundsheet at the apsis can be removed if desired. This way you save a little bit of weight in your backpack if you needed. The Nova 300 by Vango is a real all-rounder, giving you lots of fun on tour.
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Vango Nova Is A Great Tent!

I took the Nova out for three days to test in pretty awful winds 70mph, and driving rain and it stood firm, no flapping, slight movement but the tension band system did a fantastic job, so I felt safe and secure inside. The rain really battered the tent but it stood proudly and absolutely no rain got inside. I was expecting a lot of condensation, but because of the back vent being open and the inner tent door easily adjustable with two zips on the top third one polyester that can be zipped right around the whole door, or the top third you can unzip for extra air flow, (it has mesh) I had no problem controlling the air flow through the inner tent. So very, very little condensation which was a bonus to me.
I love the gothic arch, the rain just beads off and no pools of water can form on top of the tent. When I opened the main door no water fell into the inner tent. The Nova has loads of room in the Inner tent with two deep, large pockets both sides. Easily room for three people, but I am using the tent for two persons and a dog. Lovely porch area with a porch groundsheet included. That was a nice touch! Easy to pitch, two poles the same length. Put the tent up at home first and clip the inner tent in ready for your first adventure, and save yourself a few minutes on your first real pitch. Cook outside the tent (NEVER INSIDE) but I managed to stay dry inside the porch which was useful.
I LOVE this Nova, I will not be needing any other tent for wild camp, or trekking. I am extremely happy with it's reasonable price, it's design and definitely it's performance. Not too heavy either. To me, it is everything I was searching for, and meets all my needs. My dog loves it too!! Five out of five stars from one happy camper! :)

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