Urberg - 2-Person Tunnel Tent - 2 hlön teltta

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Tunnel tent
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50 x 20 cm
On tour with the Urberg 2-persons Tunnel Tent!
As the name suggests, the compact and light trekking tent offers enough space for up to two people and was constructed like a tunnel. Two external pole arches, made out of aluminium, help set up the tent very fast and uncomplicated. This construction ensures that the tents always remains dry even when set up in the rain. Furthermore, it is also possible to just use the outer tent for weather protection or rather as tarp. Simply remove the mosquito net. This way, the tents can be transported in separate pieces as well, for instance, if you want to spread your luggage into different bags (pole system - tarpaulin - tent body). It of course, consists sufficient tent pegs as well as useful reflective guy ropes and a stuff sack. The huge trekking backpack finds its place in the apsis due to the fact that its opening is diagonal, it is also possible to cook at the awning at stormy or rainy weather conditions, where the steam can evaporate through the roof. The room at the Urberg 2-person Tunnel Tent was designed to lodge two people (or one person with lots of baggage or one dog), who are on a trekking tour. The tent is not recommended for camping due to its low height. The focus stands at a combination of space and stability together with low weight and pack size.

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