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Trangia - Kansi 4,5 l:n kattilaan Testissä

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Henkilön Sebastian profiilikuva
| Houten

Should have bought this years before

I bought this 4,5L pot to be able to make one-pot stews when car camping with my wife and doughter. It ended up being my go-to pot for almost every meal.
It is used with my Trangia stormcooker 25-7 fitted with an Optimus mulitfuel stove in stead of the standard Trangia spirits burner. When packed, the Trangia set fits right into the pot, so it only takes up minimal space. During use the pot rests on top of the pot supports when they are folded outward (same as when placing the frying pan on the Trangia). The entire cooking system is very stable, which makes stirring larger amounts of food a safe one-hand job.

- Sturdy
- Handy for larger groups
- Trangia nests inside the pot for transport

- Not really suitable for hiking/backpacking, since bulky/more heavy than smaller/lighter alternatives.
- Trangia spirits burner will not be able to quickly -if at all- boil 4L of water. Use pot only for cooking/simmering food.

Käyttäjän Sebastian tuotekuvat
  • Trangia billy pot in action

Henkilön  profiilikuva

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Henkilön Fabian profiilikuva
| Reichenbach an der Fils

Ein Muss

Um den großen Trangia zu komplettieren ein Muss, wenn man für mehrere Leute Nudeln etc. machen will...

Oder heißes Wasser zum Waschen, egal.

Henkilön  profiilikuva

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