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The North Face - Bastion 4 - 4 hlön teltta

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Henkilöiden määrä:
33D Ripstop Nylon (100% polyamide); Silicone elastomer coating
40D Nylon Ripstop (100% polyamide); 20D Polyester No-See-Um Mesh (100% polyester)
DAC Featherlite NSL
Eteiset (absidit):
Teltan sisämitat:
244 x 244 x 138.5 cm (LxWxH)
Teltan ulkomitat:
360 x 244 x 138; 5 cm (LxWxH)
Koko pakattuna:
61x23 cm
6.23 kg (total weight); 5.89 kg (trail weight)
A tent that lives up to its name - the Bastion 4 by The North Face is a secure refuge from the raging elements. The expedition tent can survive even heavy snowstorms in the mountains without difficulty. Its geodesic design, tear-proof material and extremely robust pole system make the tent a bastion in the proper sense of the word against any kind of weather.
The fly's nylon material is also reinforced with a ripstop weave. The ripstop check pattern ensures that the nylon material does not stretch when it gets damp - this saves you the annoying task of retightening it - a frequent problem with nylon tents. The silicone coating considerably increases the fabric’s UV resistance, thereby increasing the product’s service life.
The tent body is made up of ripstop nylon and mesh inserts, promising an excellent combination of ventilation, heat and stability. The tent floor is raised on all sides creating a well that won't allow water to flow in from outside. The material is waterproof up to a 10000 mm water column. This means that no water passes through the floor even when put under a lot of pressure (when kneeling on the tent floor for example).
The small window in the door gives you a view outside while being protected from the weather - this way you have a perfect view of any changes in the weather. The window is made of PU material which does not break even in extreme cold temperatures (tested up to -51° Celsius). Nothing like being up in the mountains - up to four mountaineers can set off with the Bastion 4.
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