Sweet Protection - Bushwhacker Mips - Pyöräilykypärä

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Bicycle helmet
All-Mountain; Enduro; Cross-country
In-mold construction with 5 polycarbonate shell elements and EPS core
360 g (in medium size)
S/M; M/L; L/XL
yes; detachable
Toimituksen sisältö:
interchangeable fit pads
MIPS System; 17 vents; CE 1078 certification; washable lining
With the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS your head is completely protected when riding. The helmet sits very securely on your head thanks to its fine adjustments and provides protection against static and rotational forces.
Sweet Protection achieves this with a number of clever details. The helmet is made up of a strong polycarbonate five-piece shell. The five-piece shell is fused to the EPS core using in-mold technology. As a result the particularly vulnerable areas of your skull are optimally protected in the event of a fall or collision, whilst at the same time weight is saved for the MIPS system. This Multi Directional Impact Protection System ensures that the acting rotational forces do not reach the head. This is achieved using a second, movable shell which absorbs the rotational force is integrated into the outer shell.
Of course, the helmet is also equipped with excellent ventilation. Air is directed to the 17 ventilation openings by the removable visor. Excess heat is dissipated to the outside and fresh, cool air flows around the head. This means the Bushwhacker MIPS remains very comfortable even in warm temperatures and strenuous all-mountain, enduro and cross-country rides. The Occigrip system allows you to adjust the helmet to your head, the Fit pads of varying thicknesses serve for fine adjustment.
The Bushwhacker MIPS would not be a Sweet Protection helmet were it not very attractive and high quality. A bike helmet you can rely on!
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