Slackline-Tools - Soft'n Slack Set 18 m - Slackline

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
ideal for jumps + tricks; for advanced users and pros
25 m ""Soft"" Slackline-Tools webbing (polyamide); 30 mm wide
25 m (18 m usable length)
3300 g
5:1 pulley with Slack-Ring ST (Slack-Tool)
25 m webbing; 2 round slings (1 x with Slack-Ring ST + Slack-Biner / 1 x with steel ring + Slack-Biner); 1 single Slack-Ring ST; 2 steel rings; 4 Tree Friends
Line with great spring force; Transport bag + instructions included
For the real experts: the Soft’n Slack Set 18 m by Slackline-Tools! The set comes with a soft 30mm Polyamide tape that gives you an especially high spring thanks to its extreme elasticity.
The 25m band can be tightened according to the pully block principle, which has simplified by the specially developed Slack-Ring ST. These Slack-Tools enable simple and quick line tensioning thanks to the Slack-Locker thread principle (see instructions - more info at One of the adjustable round slings comes with rigged up Slack-Ring ST and Slack-Biners - simply place around a tree and thread the flat webbing. The other round sling is equipped with a Slack-Biner and a steel ring and in combination with a loose Slack-Ring ST this lets you tension the line as much as you need. Two steel rings enable an effective adjustment system (see instructions), and the tension can be fine-tuned without very much effort. So that the tree doesn’t sustain any damage, there are four soft protection pads (“Tree-Friends”) which are clipped under the round sling. And then the fun can start!
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