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Sea to Summit - Thermolite Reactor Compact Plus - Sisäpussit Testissä

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Henkilön Jörg profiilikuva
| den Haag

yeah, about those 1.83cm....

oK, I just got the Compact Plus delivered today. First off: The material feels very nice, as soft as microfleece, both the 110 and 80 Thermolite areas. The liner feels well made and the drawchord in the hood is entirely serviceable. The whole thing is light. I haven't tested the 263 g claim, because my scales don't even budge with this weight, but since they measure 500 g oK, I am inclined to believe that the weight is somewhere 250-ish.

Now, about that size: I am 1.79 cm tall (or small, if I compare that to almost everybody else in the Netherlands) and I am happy to report that I fit into the liner. BUT: the front part goes up to my chest but does not reach the throat, while the feet are already hitting the bottom so, if I want to use the bag on its own and cover most of my body, I have to use the drawstring. Which shows that the actual length of the sleeping bag is maybe 1.83, but if that has to go around your head, the whole thing gets very taught very fast. So much so that I did not even try to close the sleeping bag entirely.
In my experience, liners of all materials start to unravel at the feet first, and having the entire bag stretched taut over my feet for nights on end will not end well. Why Sea To Summit made the Reactor Standard and Extreme 210 cm long and just the compact 183, is beyond me. Having a regular and a long version sor each model would make a whole lotta more sense.
I am really of two minds for now, if I keep it or not. Replacing it by the Extreme would give me a liner that is almost as heavy as a sleeping bag that is comfortable until 5°C (Mountain Hardwear's - Mtn Speed 32, 446 g in the regular version), which sort of defies the purpose of a liner. On the other end, the Standard version is a tad expensive for what it does, other offers, from Coccoon, don't weight so much on my wallet.
So the buy recommendation would only go out to people who are either as flat as a sheet of paper, or otherwise with a maximum of height of about 1.65-1.70.
It's a pity, really, I like how the liner feels and its quality, it hits the sweet spot between the Standard and the Extreme, if not for the strange choice in length.

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