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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Wool jacket
Walkwool Sarner TW 560 (100% wool); Walkwool Tweed 355 (100% wool)
Cotton Egypt stretch 90 (72% viscose; 25% polyamide; 3% elastane)
full length front zip
two zip pockets
adjustable hood
980 g (medium size)
S - 3XL
soft inside collar
A good, solid piece of clothing: the Salewa Sarner 4 wool jacket is a functional virgin wool jacket and the first choice for anyone who swears on that versatile natural textile!
This heavy jacket is very warm and, though it dispenses with a membrane, is still an excellent windbreaker. It can take on a lot of moisture without soaking through and even offers a certain amount of elasticity and good UV protection. Inside, the jacket has a cotton blend lining. The outer material is 100% felted warm-grade virgin wool, made in Italy. The fabric is very abrasion- and odor-resistant. Despite its temperature-regulating properties, the Sarner 4 Wool is not meant to be worn as a mid layer, but as an outer layer. It is simply too thick and heavy to be worn as a mid-layer, and anyway comes with the best weatherproof qualities a wool jacket can have. For hundreds of years, classically-made loden has been highly prized, for felted virgin wool is a natural, sustainable and yet amazingly functional material, which, unlike synthetic materials, doesn’t develop unpleasant odours, or at least can easily be aired out in the fresh air. As with lambskins, a loden jacket can be cleaned by simply laying it out in the snow as the fine fibers of the fabric have a self-cleaning effect (at least up to a certain point.) For even better weatherproofing, the jacket can be treated with lanolin-based wool wash. Though this gives it a typical sheep-like smell.
With its adjustable hood, the Sarner 4 Wool jacket by Salewa is a stylish blend of natural, traditional materials in a modern package!
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