Powertraveller - Silverback Gorilla 220V - Energia-akku

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Rechargeable battery / charger
Everyday; Household; Expeditions; Emergency power supply
Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery with 60,000 mAh
255 x 210 x 45 mm
2.57 kg
DC input 16V - 28V / AC input
5 V USB / AC/DC output of 8.4 V - 12 V @ 2.5 A / 16 V - 30 V @ 3.5 A
LCD display; One-touch technology; Aluminum case
One for all! There’s almost nothing that the Silverback Gorilla by Powertraveller can’t supply with power! Aside from car batteries, this giant of a charging device can charge everything that gets near its power outlet! Your smartphone, your sat phone, your reflex camera and not even your notebook won’t be a match for the Silverback Gorilla!

This huge amount of power is owed to its key part which is a highly developed Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery with a capacity of 60.000 mAh. That makes for about 3 hours of full load on the AC output or up to 14 hours of charging at 19V on the DC output. In total, it supports anything ranging from a 5V USB output to 30V of AC output. So, this robust Silverback Gorilla in its shock resistant aluminum case is just what you’re looking for, if you need a solid backup in case of a power cut or want to stay in a hut in the mountains for some time or want to go on a expedition where you need a lot of equipment.
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