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Materiaalitiedot & ominaisuudet
Rechargeable battery
10500 mAh
164 x 62 x 62 mm
1107 g
Via hand crank: 105 mAh (10 min. Crank = 1%); Via solar panel: 12 - 15 h; Via mains: approx. 12 h
5 V - 25 V
5 V 2000 mA & 12 V 800 mA
incl. Powermonkey Expedition Portable Power Bank; Solarmonkey Expedition solar panel; Hand crank; waterproof connector; international power adapter; Charging cable (3.5 x 1.1 to 5.5 x 2.1 mm cable; USB to Micro USB cable; 3.5 x 1.1 to micro-USB cable
When you are traveling far and wide but always need power for your camera, GPS and co., then your first choice should be the Powermonkey Expedition Rechargeable battery by Powertraveller! This robust rechargeable battery is waterproof in accordance with IP65 and has a total capacity of 10500 mAh. The rechargeable battery can be charged in three different ways. The first option is the hand crank which is easily screwed open and every crank provides a little bit of electricity. 10 minutes of cranking charges the phone 1%. Another option is to use the solar panel included in delivery, which can be simply attached to the rechargeable battery using a waterproof cable and it will then fully charge the battery within 12 to 15 hours. Last but not least, the rechargeable battery can be recharged using a normal power source - the adapters for various countries are included.
The solar panel is also protected in accordance with IP65 ans can therefore easily withstand dust and light rain without any problems. You can attach the panel to the outside of your backpack or tent, and then for example charge your battery during the day. Devices and cameras can easily be connected to and charged by the rechargeable battery via USB using the included adapter cable. The status indicator always lets you know how much charge the battery has left. A very robust and high performance battery that provides electricity and charge for all your handheld devices like phones or GPS, no matter where you are: The Powermonkey Explorer by Powertraveller!
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