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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
LVS set
Toimituksen sisältö:
DSP Sport avalanche beacon; Tour shovel; Aluminum 260 probe
DSP sport
50 m
Aluminum 260
260 cm
45 cm (handle) x 22 cm (shovel width)
Telescopic handle; Aluminum; Length 45 cm
Avalanche transceiver; 198 g; Shovel: 520 g; Probe: 290 g
A must for every ski and freeride tour - the Set Sport by Pieps! This LVS set consists of a beacon, a shovel and a probe and stands out due to a low weight in particular, so that it always fits in your touring backpack. The DSP Sport avalanche beacon has a range of 50 m and due to the single button it is easy-to-use in emergencies. It’s equipped with three antennas which take turns transmitting the signal when there is an interference. If the device doesn’t register any movement for some time it automatically switches to transmitting mode. The optimized MARK function is helpful when it comes to having to act fast in case of a multiple burial and it’s also compatible with the iProbe.
The tour shovel stands out due to its ergonomic anti-slip handle and T-handle. Due to the quick-release it’s assembled quickly and digs into the snow easily with its sharpened edges. In addition to that it has a low weight and a small pack size. The ALU 260 is ready to use in the blink of an eye due to the Speed-Cone system and it has a scale in centimeters which is easy to read - that way, you save precious seconds. Since it’s grippy the probe can be handled even with gloves. In case of emergency the Set Sport by Pieps will serve you perfectly while it almost weighs nothing!

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