Petzl - Irvis Leverlock Universel - Nousuraudat

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Mountaineering; Ski tours
Piikkien määrä:
Leverlock Universal (Flex: for boots with a pronounced rear sole edge; FIL: for boots with front and rear sole edge)
includes ANTISNOW plate
Kengän koot:
730 g (with FIL); 765 (with Flex)
Front part is replaceable (combination with Petzl Vasak and Sarken 2016 models and upwards)
As flexible as it gets - the Irvis Leverlock Universel by Petzl is a master of transformation. This touring crampon is equipped with the Leverlock Universal binding. This system has a heel lever for shoes with a pronounced welt. And you can choose to equip the front part with either FIL or FLEX. The FIL variant comes with a metal bracket that fits boots with a toe welt (fully crampon compatible). The FLEX variant with a basket is suitable for trekking boots that have a just a heel welt.
The Petzl Irvis is recommended for classic mountaineering and ski touring. Its ten points are made for walking in snow and on glaciers. The front points are arranged horizontally and slightly wider to provide a better load capacity on snow. The anti-balling plates help prevent dangerous snow build-up beneath the crampon.
The front parts of the Petzl Irvis can be switched with front parts of the Sarken or Vasak models (the front parts are also available separately). Combining these parts is considerably cheaper than having to buy a complete set of crampons for each different activity. Whether you’re winter touring in the Allgäu or mountaineering on a 4000-m high mountain, the Irvis Leverlock Universel will get you to the summit.

Note: although the Irvis Flexlock can be used with any boot due to its binding system, only boots with a sturdy sole should be used. If the sole is too flexible, too much strain is placed on the center bar and it may break or deform.
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