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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Ski goggle
Skiing; Snowboarding
The Oakley Airwave Black Iridium will definitely draw some attention! With these ski goggles, Oakley has once again expanded the realm of possibility in terms of ski goggles and has developed an absolutely high-end model with a wide range of innovative features. The Airwave Black Iridium's best feature is its Airwave technology with a built-in Heads-up Display.
With this, you can track your speed, jump analytics, vertical and much more. The system can also be connected to a mobile. Text messages, calls and e-mails can also be displayed. Plus, you can control your music playlists as well. The built-in sensors with Prism technology make this possible.
The ski goggles comes with a Black Iridium lens which can be swapped out for another, thanks to the Oakley Switchlock technology. The F3 anti-fog technology paired with integrated venting will keep vision clear!
The goggle's fit and form feature a chassis made of durable O Matter, making the Airwave Black Iridium very comfortable to wear!
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