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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Henkilöiden määrä:
8 - 10 (4 in the optional cabin)
Organic green cotton: 100% cotton (organic)
2-piece steel central pole
Teltan ulkomitat:
500 x 470 x 300 cm (LxWxH)
Koko pakattuna:
116 x 42 cm
23 kg
incl. steel V tent stakes; large vents at the top; large lockable window underneath; Mosquito net on windows; Entry and vents
Up to 10 people can fit inside this tent: The Asgard 19.6 Organic Green Cotton Tepee by Nordisk! The tent is quick and easy to assemble using only the middle pole and A-pole system, the rest is done using robust guy ropes. The A-pole system has a large entrance which is backed with a mosquito net to keep the interior free of annoying insects. The entrance is nice and large for quick and easy access to the tent at any time. Robust cotton material makes the tent extremely durable and above all ensures a pleasant climate in the tent at all times!
Large vents at the top of the tent ensure good ventilation and are supported by large windows below. These can be closed if necessary and are equipped with mosquito nets. The huge inside of this tent makes it perfect for families or groups wanting a comfortable tent while traveling. If you want, you can add a robust tarpaulin floor to the tent and a separate sleeping cabin can also be fitted (both sold separately). The Asgard 19.6 Organic Green Cotton by Nordisk gives you a reliable and extremely spacious tent that will serve you well for many years!

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