Mountain Hardwear - Ev 3 - 3 hlön teltta

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Expedition tent (single-wall construction)
Winter mountaineering; Expeditions; Mountaineering
Henkilöiden määrä:
30D nylon ripstop; PU coated water column 1200 mm / mesh inserts 20D knit nylon mesh (100% polyamide)
Teltan pohja:
40D nylon ripstop; PU and silicone coated (3000 mm water column)
DAC Featherlite NSL pole system
Eteiset (absidit):
integrated vestibule
Teltan sisämitat:
208 x 122 x 104 cm (LxBxH)
Teltan ulkomitat:
267 x 122 x 104 cm (LxBxH)
Koko pakattuna:
15x51 cm
3190 g (total weight); 2820 g (minimum weight)
2 SVX windows; 5 ventilation openings (adjustable)
High-altitude mountaineering really takes a toll on both you and your gear. Thats why Mountain Hardwear made the Ev 3, a tent designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with mountaineering! This single-walled expedition tent is designed to endure harsh conditions but remains incredibly lightweight. Thus, it is perfect as a high camp on your next expedition.
The geodesic intersecting pole design makes the tent exceptionally sturdy in windy and snowy conditions. Plus, the clip method makes he tent easy to set up in strong winds.
A particularly clever feature is the Evolution Tension Arch technology. This system uses panels of fabric in certain areas to reinforce the tents poles and stabilise them without the tent getting any heavier. The other parts of the tent that are not exposed to as much strain are equipped with less strong fabric.
The Ev 3 doesnt have a vestibule in the traditional sense of the word because it doesnt have an inner tent, either. The tent was designed to provide adjoining storage, with the front extending forward to make room for your gear. This is where you can put your stove as well. After all, water is essential for a successful ascent!
Of course, missing an inner tent results in that all-too familiar problem of condensation. To rectify this problem, Mountain Hardwear equipped the Ev 3 with vents. Last but not least, the Ev 3 is equipped with two small windows for a brighter interior and more visibility of whats going on outside. That way, you wont have to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag!
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