Marmot - Cloudbreak 0 - Tekokuitumakuupussi

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Synthetics sleeping bag
Backpacking, canoeing, bike touring
Ripstop nylon 1.4 (100% polyamide)
Nylon 1.3 (100% polyamide)
Thermal R/Thermal R Micro
Lämpötila Extrem:
- 18 °C
Koko pakattuna:
26.7 x 48 cm
1670 g (reg); 1950 g (long)
regular (183 cm); long (198 cm)
A capable newcomer in Marmot’s range of sleeping bags - the Cloudbreak 0. Marmot are bringing a synthetic sleeping bag to the market that succeeds to combine a light weight with usability at freezing temperatures. The synthetic sleeping bag is convincing in every aspect: it can be relied upon in freezing temperatures as well as being very lightweight - two qualities normally associated with down sleeping bags only.
The Cloudbreak 0 owes its superior properties to Marmot’s own brand of insulating material, Thermal R. The lightweight and packable material is designed especially for use at cold temperatures. Synthetic insulation is superior to down filling in terms of hardiness. The thermal capacity is retained even when damp, the material also dries fast and needs to be handled considerably less carefully.
Marmot’s Cloudbreak 0’s insulating capacities are increased by the head area with its anatomically shaped 3D hood design. The head is effectively enveloped, preventing a loss of heat via the sleeping bag’s opening. A better warmth to weight ratio is achieved through a body mapping system. In the foot and the torso area, the sleeping bag’s sides are filled with particularly lightweight and well-compressible Thermal R Micro. While offering slightly less warmth in these less sensitive areas, a further reduction of weight is achieved this way. Last but not least, there is the lightweight polyester upper material with ripstop properties, making the sleeping bag a sturdy companion for various outdoor activities.
For warm and cozy sleeping comfort during the night and light and compact packed dimensions during the day - the Cloudbreak 0 by Marmot.
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