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Mammut - Trion Zip 22 - Kiipeilyreppu Testissä

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Do NOT buy the 22L!

I bought the pack because it is a fully equiped with nice features i need for rock climbing en and alpinism. It is nice and small and sturdy enough to be thrown around at rocky climbing sites.

When it came I first noticed that the pack came with a lousy waistband. Definitely not the one I saw on Mammut's own website. I decided I could live with that.. When I started packing for my trip I noticed the pack did NOT have a hard backpanel.. This is the worst flaw the backpack has making it completely useless.
It is like al fully equipped car with everything you might possibly need for a trip, except they forgot to put the weels under.. USELESS!
Having no hard backpanel makes the pack fold in every possible direction due to the heavy gear you put in and on (which is exactly what you do when you go climbing).
I think it would be better to just buy a plastic shopping bag instead. Works the same but is a LOT cheaper!

See the picture.. the bag is empty. Now imagine that with a 80 m rope on top and a bunch of climbing gear and you will see what I mean...

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  • Backpack being crushed under it's own weight

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Toller Rucksack

Ein toller Rucksack mit vielen Details. Für die Größe aber recht teuer. Ich habe mich dann doch für das größere Modell mit 28 Litern entschieden.

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