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Garmin - Fenix 2 SE Performer Bundle

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barometric altimeter

For any outdoor child trapped in an adult's body, the Fenix 2 is such a fun toy that even Garmin can't leave it alone. Since its debut, the GPS giant's Swiss HQ has tweaked the Fenix 2 with a Performer Bundle, which included a readily-compatible heart rate monitor, a Special Edition, which inverted the color fields of the screen, and now a Special Edition Performer Bundle. The astute reader will probably guess that this latest offering combines the Fenix 2's extensive toy-joy features with the inverted color screen and an HRM-Run heart rate monitor. And they'll be right.

The HRM-Run heart rate monitor monitors heart rate and also has an accelerometer in the module (say that five times fast) that tracks your body's movement through space in order to count cadence and gauge metrics like vertical oscillation (aka bounce) and the contact time between your feet and the ground.

The general features of the Fenix 2 are all included. You'll find they're applicable to any event that doesn't include four walls and a roof, with GPS (it's a Garmin, after all), a compass, and a Barometric Altimeter to map your environment. Twenty megabytes of memory and the capacity to store 1,000 waypoints, 10,000 tracklogs, and 50 routes means that this map can comprise almost unlimited environments. If you have more waypoints and route options than it can handle, then please email us. We want to come live there, because you clearly live in an impossible, adventure-laden paradise.

The Fenix 2 Special Edition also has an optional smart notification setting, which links the wrist unit to your phone so that you can receive messages even while the latter is stowed safely in a plastic bag. Note that this is optional, so you can keep indoor concerns where they belong and preserve the sanctity of your workout or outside experience.

The Fenix 2 is also designed with an eye toward the features that we like as cyclists, runners, and swimmers, making it ideal for cross training or triathletes. The feature list is absurdly comprehensive, but there are several that bear special mention because we've found them to be indispensable. It tracks distance, pace, elevation, VO2 max, and a slew of running dynamics in order to help identify issues of form and heart rate. It also features a multi-sport switch that lets you toggle between disciplines, a goal-oriented workout editor, and interval training settings.

Our favorite features are the Virtual Partner setting, which provides an imagined playmate to compete against, and the pace alert, which notifies you if you deviate from your scheduled pace. This last is especially great on rides, because some of us have a tendency to zone out after the 35 mile mark. The Fenix 2 keeps us on track, which certain people don't appreciate because they'd rather zone out. Make no mistake, these features are designed for people who thrive on competition and are dedicated to their training regimen.

The Fenix 2 screen is 1.2 inches with a 70 x 70 resolution, making it big enough to read quickly but not unnecessarily encumbering. At 90.6 grams, the Fenix 2 sacrifices a paltry 7.4 grams to Garmin's lightest wearables, so you won't be swinging the equivalent of a Motorolla DynaTAC on your wrist. Garmin rates its water resistance at 5 ATM or atmospheres. The ATM number corresponds to about ten times the number of meters of water, in this case 50, which is the standard across Garmin's line of wearables.

The Fenix 2's battery will last for up to 50 hours in GPS mode and six weeks in the more pedestrian watch mode, which offers the usual wrist watch suspects: alarm, timer, stopwatch, world clock, and multiple time zones. It weighs a claimed 90.6 grams.

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