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Materiaalitiedot & ominaisuudet
3-person tent
Expeditions; Winter trekking; Mountaineering
Henkilöiden määrä:
75D triple ripstop sil; 3000 mm; 100% polyester
30D ripstop DWR (100% polyamide); 20D no-see-um mesh mosquito net (100% polyester)
Teltan pohja:
70D PU 10,000 mm (100% polyamide)
DAC Pressfit aluminum pole system (3 x 2 arches)
Eteiset (absidit):
Teltan sisämitat:
410 cm x 160 cm x 100 cm (L x W x H)
Teltan ulkomitat:
430 cm x 195 cm x 115 cm (L x W x H)
Koko pakattuna:
48 x 24 cm
5440 g (total); 4640 g (without double rod); removable tent body: 990
Reflectors; 8 guy ropes; 23 tent stakes; large compression stuff sack; Stuff sack for snow tent stakes; Snow collar; Vents; Storm opening with drawstring; Double rods; glove-friendly small parts
The outdoor specialists at Fjällräven used all of their creative genius to come up with this tent for snowy conditions, which is unparalleled in terms of features!

The Polar Endurance 3 features a double-walled construction with a tunnel-style outer frame. The tent combines all the advantages of stability, easy and rapid assembly, efficient use of space and packability. It's perfectly adapted to rough winter conditions and designed to endure long snow storms and provide sufficient comfort when weather conditions make it impossible to leave the tent for a long periods of time.

The outer material is silicone-coated and has outstanding tensile strength (20 kg direct pressure). It is durably snow-repellent, waterproof and UV-resistant. The tent floor is made of a PU-coated nylon tarpaulin with an extremely high water column. For those parts of the inner tent that are not made of mosquito-proof mesh, the fabric features a DWR coating.

For added stability, the pole arches are attached directly to the outer tent through color-coded sleeves. Since there are no intricate clips, the poles can also be put up when wearing gloves. The then comes with six individual pole arches to be placed into the three pole sleeves in pairs. When conditions are less windy the tent may be set up with only three pole arches (reducing the weight by 800 g).
Snow skirts around the entire flysheet can be weighed down to prevent wind and snow from getting into the tent. Ventilation ducts integrated in the door openings allow for a pleasant interior climate. They can be opened by using a drawstring while the entrance itself remains closed. This feature is particularly useful in stormy conditions and can also be used to collect snow for melting on the stove (when there is no snow available on the ground because of the groundsheet). The ends of the flysheet are fitted with air vents in the roof. These vents feature reflectors and can be completely covered when needed.

The Polar Endurance 3 includes eight reflective, two-way adjustable Dyneema guy ropes (tensile strength: 200 kg), 20+3 tent stakes (12 of them needed for the tent and 8 for the ropes) and an additional stuff sack big enough for up to 23 snow tent stakes (not included). All of the small components are easy to use while wearing gloves and a large number of zip pulls provide added flexibility when opening the entrances.
Other details include large reflectors on the sides (entrances), robust eyelets for the tent stakes (most of them very large and compatible with skis), four large and six small pockets in the inner tent and four clotheslines (one of them in the awning). A gearloft can also be added to help you organize your equipment.

The Fjällräven Polar Endurance is quick and easy to assemble and the inside remains perfectly dry while doing so. The flysheet can also be used as tarp. It is a winter tent for expeditions, winter trekking and mountaineering. But this highly durable and resilient tent is equally suitable for trips in autumn, when the weather can be expected to change quickly.
The tent provides space for two or three people with a long sleeping area and a large vestibule for cooking (at seat height) and storing your backpack, hardware and pulk sled. The usable space at the ends is slightly tapered towards the centre for better aerodynamics.

The Polar Endurance tunnel tent stands out with an excellent range of features, a sturdy and secure design and practical little details. It is a spacious and long-lasting companion designed by specialists for enthusiasts!
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