Fjällräven - Forest Trousers No. 6 - Talvihousut

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Materiaalitiedot & ominaisuudet
Winter pants
100% wool; Inserts made of G-1000 (65% polyester; 35% cotton)
Pockets; (Patch) leg pockets with inner pockets; back pockets with flap
1065 g (medium size)
Buttons for suspenders; Adjustable leg seam; zip from hem to knee; Insert for knee pads; articulated knees; belt loops
Head for the forest with the robust Forest Trousers No.6! These technical pants are made of virgin wool from Shetland sheep and are extremely robust. The natural functional loden material (fulled wool) is practically windproof, warms even in wet condition and regulates the temperature when it gets warm or cold. Yet, because of their rather heavy material the pants are designed for colder weather. Furthermore, the seat and knees are made from G-1000 and thus, increase the durability. Moreover, the abrasion-resistant material is very breathable. It dries very quickly, but can also be waxed to create a water-repellent effect. Furthermore, the adjustable lower hem is equipped with a G-1000 edging. Optionally, matching knee pads can be added to the knees. Special openings for them are provided. Like this, the joints will be relieved when working in the forest. The trousers have six pockets, including four closable pockets to store equipment, and two pockets for the hands. To ensure better durability the trousers feature a three-way seam on the waistband. Furthermore, you can wear belts and matching suspenders by Fjällräven as well since straps and buttons are provided for that. The trouser legs are preformed and feature a side-zip starting from the knees downwards, which make it easier to put them on and off, especially when wearing trekking boots.
The Forest Trousers No. 6 are durable, and technical companions on trekking tours as well as for hunting and working in the forest. They impress with their natural comfort and are especially quiet.
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