Falk - Ibex 32 Deu + Premiumkarte Transalp - GPS-laite

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
GPS device
Hiking; Biking; Geocaching
Color display: 90mm diagonal (3.5''); Touchscreen
11.6 x 7.7 x 2.4 cm
Li-ion rechargeable battery; 2,000 mAh
IPX7 water resistance (withstands incidental exposure to water)
196 g
Toimituksen sisältö:
Falk Ibex 32 device; Bike mount; USB cable; Li-ion rechargeable battery; Mains charger; Quick start guide
Barometer and 3D compass; Slot for a Micro SD card up to 32 GB (SDHC); Memory: 4 GB
Ideal for trips through Germany, Austria and the north of Italy - the Falk Ibex 32 Germany + Premium Transalp Map! The GPS device offers a pre-installed map of Germany and a premium transalp map for beautiful tours on foot or on two wheels. It can also be used for short round trips that lead you back to your starting point. Every calculated route can be easily modified by simply dragging the route on the touchscreen to add particular destinations to the route.
The Ibex 32 Germany + Premium Transalp Map has sound alerts and voice prompts for easy navigation. The barometer and the 3D compass give accurate data on coordinates and altitude. The device can also be used for geocaching and has arrow navigation, a route planner, a route tracker, special bike profiles and the trip computer! It offers a slot for a 32 GB Micro SD card and even remains fully functional after a brief immersion in water. With the Ibex 32 Germany + Premium Transalp map, discovering new trails is fun!
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