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Dynafit - Women's TLT7 Expedition CR - Rinnelaskettelumonot

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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
The perfect ski touring shoe for women who like to get up on high – the Women's TLT7 Expedition CR by Dynafit! This ski shoe is specially developed to keep up on quick ski tours and for speed touring. It has an incredibly lightweight design which also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of stability. The shell is made of Grilamid, features Carbon reinforcements, is robust and also lightweight which makes it immune to impact. The Lamba Frame technology allows for plenty of flexibility on all the areas that need it most, which a reinforced skeleton provides durability on all the other areas. The Ultralock 3.0 buckle system is equal parts practical and innovative. The top of the two buckles can be used to both change between skiing and walking modes, as well as to precisely fit the shaft to your foot – perfect for when you need to go really fast!

Of course this two buckle system contributes to the low weight of the Women's TLT7 Expedition CR and also makes them the perfect touring ski boots for ascents. The Snowdynamic Concept as well as the Speed Nose prevent any build-up of snow on your shoes, which ultimately leads to quicker movement through the snow, thanks to less resistance. These ski touring shoes are compatible with the Master Step attachment, which makes it quick and easy to put them on. A non-slip sole is also a must for good grip on spots with no snow as well as climbing passages. The Der Dynafit Women's TLT7 Expedition CR is a real high-end ski touring shoe whose strength lies in quick ascents and descents whilst ski touring!
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