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Dynafit - Traverse SS Tee - Juoksupaita Testissä

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Stoff ist zu fragil für Anwendung mit Rucksack

I've had this t-shirt for about a month and used it for 3 day hikes in total. What disappoints me the most is that in the areas where backpack straps come into contact with the material, it already looks awful! (It is a Osprey backpack with extremely soft straps that I have never had any problems with). You see deformation of fabric (paper effect) and snagged threads. This is NOT something one expects on a 45€ t-shirt. At this rate, I can see this garment completely destroyed by the end of warm season. Similar t-shirts from other manufacturers (salewa etc) definitely do not have the same problem.
Having said that, I still give it 3 start for great fit (I am pretty slim and S size sits perfectly) and wear comfort.

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