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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
A real climbing pro for quick touring – the TLT7 Performance by Dynafit! These high end touring ski boots are super lightweight for the quickest speed touring. At the same time, their stiff lasts are also very useful for any descent. The shell made of Grilamid and Titanex Fibre - a type of fibreglass combined with titanium which offers a combination of low weight and stability. Grilamid also provides high impact resistance. The Lambda Frame design guarantees a wonderful, precise power transmission as well as comfortable ease of walking, because a stronger material is used on more hard-wearing points, while lower stress areas are kept nice and flexible. This makes for easier handling and easier putting on and taking off.

The change between skiing and walking modes is very quick thanks to the special Ultralock 3.0 buckle design, as the top buckle has several different functions – Ski and walk modes as well as the adjustment of the fit. The Snowdynamic Concept ensures that no snow gathers on the sides of the boot, while the Speed Nose also allows for quicker movement. The Master Step System makes it easy to get into the attachment. A warming Custom Light inner shoe comes to good use as a liner, that can not only be individually thermoformed, but also enhances the low weight of the TLT7 Performance. Last but not least, these touring ski boots come with a profiled sole, which won’t cause any problems on small snowless patches or climbing passages. The Dynafit TLT7 Performance is the ski boot of choice when taking the summit by storm, and working up a sweat on your ascent!

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