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Attribuutit & ominaisuudet
Active cam (dual axle system)
Aluminum segments; Dyneema dogbone; Dyneema core
Available in sizes 0.4 to 4
61 g (size 0.4) to 225 g (size 4)
8 kN (size 0.4); 10 kN (size 0.5); 12 kN (sizes 0.75 to 4)
ergonomic center bar with Dyneema core (single stem)
Dyneema 14 mm
color coded (dogbone and segments)
Specially designed for fast & light alpinism - the Camalot Ultralight by Black Diamond is first choice when every gram counts. The light version of the BD Camalot is not just for climbers an excellent choice, but also for all Trad climbers who want to save weight. The lighter the harness is loaded, the more difficult routes you can climb. A simple but effective measure!
Compared to its “heavier"" relatives, the Camalot Ultralight has some clever differences which are not all seen at first glance. The most obvious difference is seen in the sling, which is not made from Polyamide tape but rather made from 14 mm thin Dyneema. This could not be used in normal Cam’s, because the narrow design of the cable in the thumb loop could be damaged during falls. This leads to the real but hidden difference. The core of the central web of the Ultralight model is made of Dyneema instead of steel.
The handling complies with the normal Camalots: the thumb loop makes the laying of Cam’s easier and fits comfortably into your hand. Thanks to the proven double-axis design, you cover any size with a wider margin. Climb fast, climb light - the Camalot Ultralight by Black Diamond!

Breaking loads: 0.3 = 8 kN; 0.4 = 8 kN; 0.5 = 10 kN; 0.75 - 4 = 12 kN
Weight: 0.4 = 61 g; 0.5 = 74 g; 0.75 = 89 g; 1 = 101 g; 2 = 126 g; 3 = 167 g; 4 = 225 g
Recommended use: 0.4 = 15.5 - 26.7 mm; 0.5 = 19.6 - 33.5 mm; 0.75 = 23.9 - 41.2 mm; 1 = 30.2 - 52.1 mm; 2 = 37.2 - 64.9 mm; 3 = 50.7 - 87.9 mm; 4 = 66 - 114.7 mm "
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| Nittendorf

Bester CAM ever!!

Ich habe mir einen Black Diamond Ultralight CAM in der Größe 1 bestellt. Meines Erachtens ist der Mehrpreis die Gewichtsersparnis auf jeden Fall wert! Ich jedenfalls werde meinen 0,75 und 2er CAM ebenfalls noch durch die Ultralight Variante ersetzten, da diese Größen einfach oft mit dabei sind!

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| Sheffield

So light they are like toys

Got three of these, so I am an early adopter. Been using them on the grit in place of my wild country helium friends. They are incredibly light, so make the climbing easier as you are weighed down less. Only taken one small leader fall onto one so far. Lots of faith in them and looking forward to using them in the next couple of weeks in LLanberis on the rhyolite and then on the Piz Badile in July, confident that they will be awesome due to the lightness alone. One negative just for balance, they do feel a bit short to place, although I do not think they are actually shorter than other cams, just feel it and also of course a double sling would be useful. However at the end of the day, not falling in the first place is the best option and lighter gear just makes the moves easier.

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