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Breathing system
Ski tours; Freeride
only compatible with Black Diamond Dawn Patrol backpacks
A potential lifesaver in the event of an avalanche burial - the Avalung Element by Black Diamond. The practical breathing system can be attached to every backpack compatible with the Avalung Dawn Patrol series and can save lives in risk of a burial. The system is based on a simple principle: inhaled and exhaled air are separated. That makes sense because firstly, in the area around the mouth and nose there is little air available due to snow blockage and secondly exhaled CO2 remains in the facial area. The supply of available fresh air close to the face is therefore very limited. The Avalung Element by Black Diamond counteracts this problem by filtering oxygen from the surrounding snow pack via a valve and leading it via a tube to the mouth.
Exhaled CO2 is passed through a second pipe away from the face to the back and there emitted to the surrounding snow. Using this method, an up to one-hour air supply is made possible, while the fresh air supply ends under normal conditions after about 15 minutes! The Avalung Element by Black Diamond - any further questions?
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